Financial genius is a rising market.

Kenneth Galbraith, May 3, 1970

Latest Papers

The working papers collection comprises historical papers as well as current ideas and works in progress on some of the major issues and topics of our times.

Walking Between Worlds: A Tribute to Lewis William Griffiths (23 November 1957- 5 February 2013) (released 7 July 2013)
Lew Griffiths was one of the great contributors to the contemporary era of Indigenous politics when so much has been achieved.
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Overcoming the Politics of Disappointment (released 26 June 2013)
If Kevin Rudd wants to have an edge over Tony Abbott then he must create a paradigm shift in Australian politics. Above all he must show he is above the sniping of Labor insiders and open up Labor to greater democracy and a wider gene pool.
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Sussex Street Empire (released 21 March 2013)
The real issues behind the saga of Eddie Obeid and Ian Mac Donald.
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Geoffrey Alphonsus Chewying: A Wonderful Life (released 4 February 2013)
Eulogy, Broulee Memorial Gardens, 14/2/2013
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Traditional Knowledge National Parks (released 30 January 2013)
Towards a More Active National Park and Environmental Protection System for Australia
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Bill Hagan (released 24 January 2013)
Tribute to a gentleman of the bush.
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Taste of Broome (released 19 December 2012)
Stephen Pigram Stephen Bamba Albert
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Adoption (released 19 December 2012)
Latest song from the legendary Lew Nannup
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Wanderer 3 (released 19 December 2012)
Part 3 of an Interview with Stephen Pigram about his forthcoming album Wanderer
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Wanderer 2 (released 19 December 2012)
An Interview with Stephen Pigram about his forthcoming album Wanderer
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